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Features of a Good Author

In general, an author is a person who writes books. The constitutes of the books may be different. This is done during one’s free time or professionally.

Writing should be an obligation you take by yourself and not being forced by another individual. You should be able to work day in day out for you to meet your target. Get a clear picture of what you want to pass to the audience. Gather more and more books so that they can help you research more. This will greatly help you become a better writer in future. On the other hand a writer must learn to be imaginative.

Again, a good writer should be patient. Remember you are not the only writer on the market so still other books will be selling in the market and so it may take some time for yours to get on sale. There is always a great reward for every person who awaits something. On the other hand you must be disciplined for you to be a good writer. Handle writing as an office that you report to every morning for your daily bread. Since it is considered a hobby, then you should be able to think about it now and then for you to build your writing spirit more and more. Engage yourself for typing lessons you can ease your work. Consider typed work as the best since it is legible by all means and this calls for privacy wh9enever you want the written work at any given time. This saves you time.

Before friends and relatives motivate you, you should be able to motivate yourself first. Again you should have the passion of watching as many movies as possible to build up your writing spirit. This means that you should not leave your readers in a dilemma of what happened after that. Let the reader’s mind be filled with the storyline. Give your story a better flow of happenings. Have a better linguistic to avoid your book or script been banned by the commission that looks into this sect. Maturity language should not be used to beginners who are getting into the reading field. For you to be another noble writer, you should be able to accept positive and negative reviews from your readers. , On the other hand, it sounds good since you will be able to correct what may be wrong in your writing.

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