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Exploring The World Of Geographic Marine Travel

A multi-day Alaskan adventure will surely give you a memory to keep for a lifetime as you watch jaw-dropping bear view along with a small group of new acquaintances that are ready to explore the adventure with you. Plan an expedition from your home base by taking a vessel which will be able to get you close to where the action is while at the same time providing you with a delicious meal and comfortable lodging.

An adventure that will make photos come to life
Using your own viewfinder, you can now be able to make photos come to life by taking a geographic marine expedition away from home on your leisure time. Everywhere you go in this expedition will give you a taste of the luxury that nature has to offer you in the northland including wondrous views of the mountains, rocky beaches, dense greenery, glaciers, marine mammals, seabirds, and massive brown bears playing with their little cubs in their habitat.

There are really a lot of things in store for you in this geographic marine expeditions and this includes the Geographic Harbor which was named by the National Geographic Society in 1919 as the Valley of the Ten Thousand Smokes. Here you can be able to see the bears enjoying their own natural habitat since this is a secluded location. Bears are very nice to see especially when they feed themselves by stalking otters, digging for clams, and fishing for salmon, and you can be able to see them at a close vantage point for as long as you like.

Let the experts take you on an eco-tour
You will be provided with guides who have spent a lot of time at the Geographic Harbor as researchers and are fully equipped with knowledge about it. They are able to guide research groups but are also able to cater to small groups of adventurers who are interested in taking the geographic marine expeditions. These guides know the area well enough to teach the tourists and researchers everything they need to know from the local flora and fauna to the safety of dealing with the bears. You can also spend your afternoon site seeing and taking pictures from a skiff, or you can go kayaking with these experts.

Make sure that you belong to home base vessel which will allow you to leap from one bay to the other depending on the opportunities that wildlife is going to offer you as well as the weather condition of the day. The heart of this vessel is its salon, and you can also enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a double-occupancy stateroom if you view this page now.

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