Exciting Holidays to 5 Attractions in Bangkok 2019

Still can’t enjoy a vacation to the tourist attractions in Bangkok 2019? Relax, White Elephant Affairs is still faithfully waiting for your arrival. Such well-known tourist attractions in Bangkok and Pattaya are the main destinations of foreign tourists, especially Asians, to spend holidays abroad without draining bags. You can stay at ibis styles Bangkok, in addition to providing a luxurious stay, many tourists love this 4-star hotel because here it is the easiest location to find tourist attractions in Bangkok for backpackers to tourist attractions in Bangkok.

All your travel needs can be fulfilled in only one city, from culinary tours, shopping tours to the most sought after in Bangkok. For those of you who want to plan a vacation to Bangkok or tourist attractions in Pattaya do not need to bother looking for information here and there because we will provide a review of Bangkok’s best tourist destinations 2019.

Unique shopping at Amphawa Floating Market

Thailand is well-known as a floating market throughout Southeast Asia, unlike most markets because you have to shop using a traditional boat. Bangkok has a floating market that is no less popular than the Pattaya Floating Market because you can also find interesting items just by visiting the Amphawa Floating Market.

Rent a boat from residents that can be boarded up to 3 or 4 people, every corner of the river you will find many sellers selling their wares ranging from souvenirs, antiques to unique culinary offerings. Going here doesn’t need to be shopping, you can also just go around the market location, take classic pictures or relax on the river’s edge. But what you shouldn’t miss from the Amphawa Floating Market is eating fresh seafood prepared with Thai specialties. So invite your partner, family or friends to visit the Bangkok floating market to shop for souvenirs and to taste delicious food.

4 chefs’ cool attractions at the Bangkok Nanta Show

Who does not know the Nanta Show? This nonverbal entertainment first emerged from the land of ginseng which has been recognized as the best international show. Not only known by Asian countries, but Nanta Show has also appeared to fill entertainment in European continents such as London, New York to Germany. Now, you can enjoy Nanta Show while visiting Thailand so you don’t need to fly further to Korea to find the excitement of a unique belly-shaking show.

For 2 hours prepare yourself to see the amazing attractions of the four chefs who are busy preparing wedding party dishes. Their cooking skills can not be doubted, from food turned into cool performances from the thump of traditional percussion instruments combined with kitchen utensils. The silly behavior of the chefs who tell the flow of kitchen excitement without using dialogue is a feature of the Bangkok Nanta Show. You just simply sit and enjoy the rhythm of percussion without stopping equipped with funny expressions from chefs who can make the audience laugh.

Grand Palace A valuable building from the White Elephant Land

Vacationing in Thailand will never stop to amaze with dozens of buildings of historical value that are still maintained its authenticity. Grand Palace is one of the buildings that you must visit while in Bangkok from the beauty of its architecture. As an Instagramable place in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is unique in its overall golden ornaments.

This place was used as the residence of the King of Thailand since it was built in the 18th century for generations to the next generation. Until now the Grand Palace has played an important role in Thailand’s state events to hold traditional ceremonies and where local cultural events take place. If you want to visit the Grand Palace you are required to wear modest clothes because this building is a historical museum for the city of Bangkok.

A footprint of Thai history at Wat Arun Temple

Wat Arun is a historical place that you can visit because this building is thick with the feel of the kingdom as a symbol of the victory of the Kingdom of Siam during the war thousands of years ago with the Kingdom of Burma. The Thai War General has a significant share in the construction of the Wat Arun temple with the main objective given the people’s struggle, besides being the residence of the King.

Most of the Wat Arun buildings contain gold-clad Buddhist statues and ornaments that are very suitable as photo spots to fill your social media account or as sweet memories. Another feature of this temple is that it is located on the edge of the Chao Phraya River, so you can not only explore the temple but also explore the beauty around the river by traditional boat.

Get antique shop at Papaya Vintage

Once satisfied with exploring the famous attractions in Bangkok, you can continue the last vacation trip by visiting Papaya Vintage. As the name implies, this shop sells a lot of antique items, thick with vintage nuances, you can also find old toys that may not be manufactured now. Miniature superhero Flash, Wolverine, Green Lantern, and Batman or household furniture is a favorite choice of tourists as one of the sweet memories of a vacation in Thailand.

Another uniqueness of Papaya Vintage is in the form of a shop that looks similar to an old warehouse in the suburbs. Once you see you must already know this historical place from its antique doors, after entering the shop a friendly welcome from Papaya workers will give you the convenience to shop for various antiques in the city of Bangkok.