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About Air Conditioner Installation If you are tired of the heat which keeps rising every summer, you should consider installing an air conditioner. If you are wondering about installing a cooling system in your home there are a variety of options for you. Be mindful of the fact that the latest air conditioners are quieter, more powerful and energy saving. The electrical bills will be less since the air conditioners do not use a lot of energy. The first step is to determine the size of the air conditioning that will be suitable for your home. An undersized air conditioner will not suffice for the home’s requirements and that which is oversized will increase the moisture levels of the home. Such an experience is not what anyone will want to go through. The unit of measure for a cooling systems capacity is tons. A ton is the measure of the quantity of heat that is expelled in an hour by an air conditioner. A one ton air conditioner will discharge 12,000 BTU and one that is 3- ton will emit 36,000 BTU. This idea borrows from the fact that to melt a ton of ice which takes 24 hours, 12,000 BTU is needed. A 1,600 square feet home will need a 2 1/2 ton air conditioner to meet its needs. An air conditioner that is the best fit for you requirements can be selected by a professional contractor. The installation process has its own needs that have to be met. The electrical panel will need to be upgraded with circuit breakers if an air conditioner has never been installed. Moreover, fresh wiring through the foundation will need to be done. New ductwork and mounting of the conditioner on metal brackets or concrete slab will be needed. Only qualified contractors are needed to accomplish this task as they have the expertise. It is time consuming and a potential threat of injury if you do it yourself. The threat of injury occurring is high if you do it yourself. There is a need to choose an eligible contractor because this work is very sensitive. The air conditioning system will last longer and it will work properly if it is installed as is required. Be mindful of the importance of this work. The contractor you choose should have the expertise to install and maintain the system and you can know of their abilities by examining them.
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Get references from people and browse online to get a good contractor. To ensure the contractor is legit, you can find this out from your provincial authority. Why People Think Experts Are A Good Idea