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The Best Way to Clean Your Carpet, Upholstery and Drapery

Carpet cleaning experts add a touch of professionalism when they handle the carpet cleaning process. As part of their duties, they clean the air ducts, upholstery, grout around tiles, and draperies. Different cleaners handle these duties differently. They also have varying sets of equipment.

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are the most likely methods these professionals will execute when cleaning your items. Steam cleaning involves the use of a machine to clean the carpet, through the hot water with a cleaning solution. The brushes on the machine do the application through the layers of the carpet. After the rubbing, the wet carpet is then vacuumed to remove the water. The water carries out the dirt. The carpet is left damp, which now needs to be dried. Normally, such a carpet should not be used on the same day.
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The the process of dry cleaning does not mean no liquids are used. Water may not be used, but special cleaning solutions are necessary. These evaporate very fast, leaving the carpet ready to use almost immediately.
The latest cleaning style is called encapsulation. In this method, crystals are applied to the carpet, which traps dirt particles, and then vacuuming takes these loaded crystals away from the carpet. There is no drying time, making it the fastest cleaning method available.
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The the challenge in duct cleaning is how to bring out the dirt in those ducts. It will be pointless to hire an expert who will not have the necessary tools to reach into these ducts. The should not miss a powerful machine or long hoses to actually get the job done. It would be pointless for them to say they cleaned your ducts, when all they did was vacuum the space around them.

They typically handle upholstery and drapery cleaning duties using either steam or dry cleaning methods. Just like cleaning the carpets, they will hover the wand over the upholstery and drapery surfaces. The challenge with this method comes when the drapery need to be pressed.

There was a time when shampooing carpets was the best cleaning method available. In this method, shampoo was applied to the carpet, then rinsed out and the water extracted from the carpet. There was no standard drying time or cleanliness result. These shampoos trapped dirt rather quickly, meaning the carpet could not stay dry for long.

A way to save money would be to have the cleaners charge you once to clean all these areas. There won’t be a need to transport the carpet for cleaning elsewhere, and so they get to clean all these areas in your residence, thus saving on fuel costs. This way, you won’t pay such a high price to get your house looking spotlessly clean.