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Various Reasons for Insecure Attachment Between Parents and Children

When parents cannot offer their children the feeling of security that they need, insecure attachment style happen. Normally, these accidentally takes place. There exist various causes for insecure attachment. Here are various causes for insecure attachment.

The first thing that can cause insecure attachment, tend to be parting from the principal care provider. Having the baby fall ill is one of the critical reason for such separation. Premature or else sick babies usually stay intensive care to a state their primary caregiver cannot look after them. The effects of this are challenges in developing secure attachment. Alternatively, sickness in the mum is likely to prevent her from attending to her baby, and this has the ability to result in the separation as well secure attachment. Another cause of insecure attachment as well as separation include divorce, death of the primary caregiver or being given up for adoption.

When the primary caregiver is inconsistency, separation and insecure attachment can be caused. In case the child changes caregivers often, either in daycare or at home this might result in feeling insecure. It is for this reason why you ought to aim for a caregiver who is consistency in a child’s first year of growth.

In addition to that, frequent movements or change of the surrounding is one of the things that can as well lead to insecure attachment. Ability of these to being confusing to babies is the cause of these. This happens to be one of the motives why shared care is not perfect in the cases of divorce. When a child is looked after by one parent, his or her stability is provided.

Insecure attachment can also be caused by inexperienced mothers. This mainly happens when the mother is very young or very old such that she is not ready for the role of parenting. Also, when the mother is experiencing depression, it becomes hard for her to connect with her babies. This might be due to lack of social support, hormonal imbalance in addition to isolation. To defeat all of the issues that brings about depression in mothers and end up causing insecure attachment. This include social support, as well as assigning somebody other than the mother to offer consistent care-giving. At times, short medical assistance is capable of helping to make depression period shorter.

Another thing that can cause insecure attachment is emotional abuse. When the behavior of a parent leads creation of fear in the child, by diminishing both their feelings and needs, emotional abuse is causes and at the end insecure attachment is caused The most common form of emotional abuse is whereby parents happen to mock their babies.

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