The Option for a Welk Timeshare Connects Vacationers With Long-Standing Traditions

The beloved band leader Lawrence Welk was dedicated to quality in all aspects of his career. Most of his fans realize that he not only was passionate about music but that he also wanted to develop resorts where people could enjoy themselves on vacation. He began doing just that in the mid-1960s, starting with a single motel in Escondido, California. Today, people can not only reserve a condo-like vacation home with Welk Resorts, but purchase a Welk Timeshare so they essentially own the right to stay there for a specified amount of time each year.

How It Works

A timeshare often is just for one week annually, but people can buy more time than that. Many shy away from buying more than a week because they’re not sure they’ll use the extra time, but they can trade days with someone who owns a timeshare elsewhere. They also can rent out the timeshare to someone else who would love to use it.

With Welk Resorts specifically, guests who are interested in the timeshare option purchase a number of points that they can use, sell or trade. Those points are accepted for reservations at any of the resorts in this group. People who love the atmosphere at the vacation homes aren’t tied to one place; they can vacation for a long weekend in Escondido if they want and then spend half a week in Lake Tahoe.

Longevity of Traditions

The Lawrence Welk Show ran from 1955 to 1982, making it one of the most successful and longest-running TV shows in history. That unusual longevity characterizes the Welk family’s continued association with the resort properties as well. Family-owned resorts commonly are sold within the first decade, but Mr. Welk’s family continues to be very much involved with the management of these vacation homes, even though the band leader passed away in May of 1992.

The resorts also can boast unusually long commitments by numerous employees, some of whom have been working for the group for decades. One employee who was hired on during the early days of the first Escondido resort is still fully involved more than 50 years later, as the Director of Special Events in the greater San Diego area.