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The Different Kinds of Gloves Used In Boxing

There are very many different kinds of gloves used in boxing. They vary in size shape and weight. It is always a costly affair when one purchases the wrong gloves. Each type of glove is designed to serve a certain purpose and can only be used for the exact purpose they are intended for. Highlighted herein are some of the kinds of boxing available that boxers can buy based on the purpose of use.

Bag gloves. Due to the weight of the bag being hit, these gloves are largely meant to protect your hand while hitting the bag. They are used to punch the training aids such as the heavy bags. Knuckles are supposed to be protected by such gloves from the heavy impact generated from punching into heavy bags.

Sparring gloves. The main role of this gloves is to protect you and your partner from injury during the sparring session. They are meant to enhance skills and not kick out your partner. These gloves are padded more than the fighting gloves and due to the padding they are a bit bigger. They stand out due to the highly padded knuckles and the wrist support they give. Due to their increased weight, they are best in building stamina and endurance more so to the shoulders.

Practice gloves Most of the boxers have this type of gloves. They are made in a special way ensuring that they can fill most of the training needs of a boxer However it is quite hard to find a perfect glove that will meet all the training needs. These gloves may not be appropriate for both bags hitting and sparring as they may not be soft enough or hard enough. Most of the people who will use these gloves are those that are fresh in boxing.

Competition gloves These gloves are specifically designed for the boxing competitions. These gloves are used by the competitive boxers. The main aim of these gloves is to hurt the opponent hence they are lowly padded. These gloves are only supposed to be used for fights and not any other purpose. If these gloves are used for other uses such as bag hitting they might end up causing injuries. A boxer will spend more to purchase these gloves than any other type of gloves.

Physical fitness gloves. These are gloves used on hitting bags. Unlike competition gloves, these gloves are heavily padded ensuring that the user is well protected from any harm. These gloves should not be used to transition to boxing since they are short lived. Comparing these gloves with all the other types, they are the ones with the least padding.

Gloves used in kick boxing In the recent times these gloves are gaining market. These gloves have the same look just as all the other gloves. However, they are more flexible to enable the fighter to grab their opponent in a fight.

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Questions About Sports You Must Know the Answers To