Places to visit in Puri which must be on your travel bucket list

Places to visit in Puri which must be on your travel bucket list

Magnificent temples, serene and beautiful beaches, expansive markets and amazing eateries make Puri a visitor’s paradise. Moreover, in Puri accommodation is available at all times and Puri hotel price can be checked online to make instant bookings. The holy land of temples, Puri can be visited during most times of the year which makes it all the more popular among tourists.

Continue to read below to find some of the best places that that you can visit during your trip to Puri to make your stay satisfactory and special –

Narendra Tank – Narendra Tank, also known as Narendra Pokhari is well known as a holy tank.. The tank is considered as one of the biggest tanks in Odisha and witnesses arrival of tourists from all across the country. Since the tank is considered holy, it is surrounded by plenty of big and small temples. It is situated at Mauza Dandimala Sahi in Puri. Owing to its mammoth size and holy appeal, the tank is considered as a must visit place in Puri.

Spread across over a vast area, which features an island in the middle, that houses a small temple named Chandana Mandapa connected to the southern bank with a bridge it makes the whole place all the more scenic and enjoyable. Commonly visited from Jagannath temple, visiting the place is surely one of the best experiences that any tourist can encounter.


Swargadwar Beach – Swargadwar translates to the gateway to the Heaven. Thus the beach of Swargadwar is a holy place devoid of the modern cultural offing. Swargadwar owing to its location along the sea shore holds a lot of attraction and there are plenty of mythical stories that are attached to this place.

The beach of Swargadwar is amongst the most pristine beaches of Puri and owing it its tranquil and secluded appeal, the beach is preferred by tourists who want to spend quality time in peaceful environment. The beach is also famous as Hindus take holy dip here and form a spectacle that looks special and highly beautiful. So, if you are someone looking to spend quality time with your loved one in the backdrop of peaceful nature, then Swargadwar can be a perfect getaway.



Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary – The Chilika wildlife sanctuary is one of the major wildlife sanctuaries of Odisha and it is thronged by tourist from across the country. Spread across an area of 1100 sq kilometers, the Chilika wildlife sanctuary is considered as the largest coastal lagoon in India as well as the second largest in the world.

Being home to large number of fauna and avi-fauna species, the wildlife sanctuary serves as a perfect tourist spot for people of all age. Owing to the fact Chilika has rich fauna presence, as a tourist you can capture here some amazing photographs to make your visit to this place truly special and memorable in every sense. The wildlife sanctuary has now for long been projected as one of the best tourist places in Puri and it is going to remain so in future as well.



Loknath Temple – The Loknath temple is situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from Sri Jagannath Temple. It is also situated at a distance of 4.5 km from Puri Junction. Loknath Temple is one of the most important shrines of Lord Shiva in Puri. The temple was built in ancient times and it has since then remained as one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the town of Puri. According to legend, the lingam in this temple was established by Lord Rama while he was on his way to Lanka searching for Sita. This fact makes the temple highly special and owing to this belief people visit the holy shrine in large numbers.

The unique and astounding feature of the temple is that the Shiva linga is submerged at all times with water which confirms the legend that Goddess of Ganga flows through the top of the Shiva linga forming a stream. Owing to the legend, it is widely believed that the linga has powers that can sure people from all types of problems pertaining to health. So, whether you are follower of Shiva or not you can take a visit to this temple to have an altogether different experience, one that may be surreal and extraordinary.

Konark Sun Temple – Profoundly known as Black Pagoda, Konark Sun Temple is amongst the most visited temple in Puri. Known for its amazing legendary stories and unique Kalinga architecture, the temple was built by King Narasimha of the Eastern Ganga dynasty way back in 13th century.

The entire temple is in the form of a chariot for the Sun God having or equipped with twelve giant wheels that particularly depicts the twelve months of the Hindu calendar driven by seven horses that further resembles the seven days of a week. This entire peace of architecture makes the temple quite an extraordinary place to visit and witness the overall gloriousness of the entire temple.



Conclusion – Thus, a tourist place fitting for all generations, Puri offers everything that a tourist can desire for when travelling for a holiday and to make it more comfortable, you can check Puri hotel price on the internet to book them online.