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How to Decide on the Best Electronic Signature Vendor

When there is a pile of documents that need signatures, you are forced to be on people’s neck to ensure the vital documents get signed. To eliminate the archaic way of mailing, scanning and faxing documents so they can be signed using electronic signatures. To drive adoption among stakeholders and clients, you should choose a vendor that will deliver by using the below guidelines.

You should consider how safe the signature is. More often, electronic signatures get stored in the cloud. Your electronic signature should be confidential because if it lands on the wrong hands, it can be used fraudulently hence costing your business. You should settle for an electronic signature vendor who has a strong cloud infrastructure and the one in a position to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your data. Additionally, look into whether the vendor has certifications to act as proof of them meeting cloud security standards that are very high. You will be at peace knowing your electronic signature is secure from unauthorized access.

You should consider whether an electronic signature can be customized. Consistent branding at every touch point is a crucial driver of building loyalty to your brand. It is necessary to present clients with a branding experience that is not inconsistent every time to avoid the chances of customers feeling confused about your brand. When selecting an electronic signature vendor, you should ensure they are in a position to build your electronic signature according to your specifications so that brand trust can be encouraged while adoption rates among those buying can be increased as well as offer an experience with no interruptions.

You should be keen on whether a vendor has knowledge of your needs. All electronic signatures are good in helping businesses to eliminate the paper process of wet signatures but some vendors may not have adequate knowledge of your industry. It is important to choose an electronic signature vendor that has expertise on the laws and regulations of the industry you are in, understands how electronic signatures meet your industry needs, and understands your use cases.

You need to consider the reputation of a vendor. It is essential to know how much esteemed an electronic signature vendor is. Find out what others are saying about electronic signature solutions they use in their organizations. You should settle for electronic signature vendors whose reputation among its present customers is favorable and desirable. Peer-to-peer review sites can help you evaluate electronic signature vendors and the value their electronic signatures will bring to your organization.

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