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An Extraordinary Mom-How to Be One

The way one mom raises their kid is different from the way another mom raises their Kid and there is nothing wrong with either way. The best thing you can do right now is STOP looking at other moms to see what they are doing and take a good look at you and what it is you do.

The first thing would be to accept that you are as much as a daughter, woman, human, mother as well as a sister. For you to be able to pass two very important values to your children such as acceptance and self-love,you should be able to have them first. It is good to be as happy as you can be

Tip Two:Affirmations on slips of paper. I want you to write down what is that you think make an extraordinary mom. This tip involves you writing down those affirmations and placing them on strategic places where you can look at them each day and read them. The key to you being the extraordinary mom you already are is that you have to believe it about yourself. Affirmations will help you with that.

Tip Three:Celebrate all the milestones as your baby develops, big and small. It is so easy to get side-tracked just caring for your baby, that often new mothers forget to cherish the magical moments each day.

Keep a journal to record something special your baby does each day and make a big point of focusing on some new experience, or learning either of you have. You may write about how the baby has responded to new food or even how you were able to persevere and show patience during a hard time.

A mother should be able to pamper themselves regularly. Most of the time, mom’s always do things for other people before considering themselves, it may be good to do something for yourself. This is the one quality that I am sure all of us lack in to some extent.

Many of us end up feeling guilty if we do pamper ourselves because it feel like there are five hundred other things that we should’ve been doing. Guess what, the world will not end if you give yourself five, ten, fifteen, twenty, ooohhh even thirty minutes. Get a facial, take a bath, go tanning, buy a new lotion, paint your toenails! It is a good idea to take good care of yourself first in order to be able to take care of the others.

One should be able to really seek for help. I know you are thinking that asking for help admits weakness. On the contrary, asking for help shows strength. Once in a while, it may be good to ask for help. One should be able to admit they are not perfect to fit in the mom world.

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