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Deciding On The Right Church To Go To When Looking For A Church

Choosing a church should not be compared to buying a product aimed at satisfying personal desires; hence the term ‘church shopping “does not sound right. There is sense when the “shopping” metaphor is compared to the process of purchasing a house where the buyer has to make compromises. Choice between the necessary option and nice option is usually left to the buyer. Choosing the right church for you will need you to make the same choices. Setting out to look for a perfect church will be an endless search for you because a church is a community of people who are different in all levels such as skills, opinions and social class.

That is why you have to make compromises so that you can commit to one church other than being spiritually homeless. Picking a church can be challenging, but thinking through some considerations and praying will enable you to make the right decision. When looking for a church, consider the community aspect. The community aspect of a particular church should have activities that their members do together hence real membership demanded and members feel valued. A church which encourages their members to support each other mutually, and values honesty and accountability is one you can consider choosing.

Community life should involve more than one day of fellowship, hence it is essential you find a church that is close to where you live. If the church is far from your place, it will be unrealistic for you to participate in community life. The theology of the church you are planning to go to should be considered. It is imperative to attend church services where your beliefs are in line with the convictions of the church. The method of teaching during the service should be appropriate for your style good for your spiritual growth.

Another consideration is service. Going to church is not only about being disciple and living in community, but also serving others. Feeding the hungry,clothing the naked are among services to the needy that the church you are considering should take part in. When looking for a church, check out the structure and governance of the church. The progress of the community largely depends on the governance of the church hence the leaders should be reliable. The governance of the church dictates how church money is spent, filling of leadership roles in the church, individuals eligible for the roles and the process of joining or leaving the congregation. Fellowship is the most important thing, therefore settle in in whatever church you find and with time all things to do with the church will be familiar.

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