5 Uses For Teas

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Loose Leaf Tea

The debate, whether tea or coffee is the best drink in the world, continues to rage on. Fanatics of the drinks continue to claim that their favorite drink has the most benefits. Both drinks are enjoyed by millions of people around the world for its medicinal properties that range from weight loss to anti-cancer properties.

Of all the types of tea, green tea remains to be the most popular and has been enjoyed for centuries by the Chinese. Let’s take a look at the common properties of organic loose leaf tea and why it remains to be a favorite even by the queen of England herself.

Combats Cancer

Both coffee and tea has antioxidants but organic loose leaf tea is said to have higher concentrations of these cancer killers. Polyphenols is a substance found in tea that greatly helps in reducing the growth of cancer cells. Studies are still being conducting regarding the properties of tea in beating the cancer cells in the human body. By enjoying a cup of tea, you are not only getting a taste of your favorite drink, as you are also giving your body the extra protection it needs against the dreaded C.

Better Digestion

A cup of your favorite organic loose leaf tea can greatly help your digestive tract. The tannins contained in tea can help soothe and clean your digestive system so it can properly function. Two cups of green tea every day can greatly change our morning routine, so drink up as your digestive tract will thank you for it.

Shed Off Those Extra Pounds

Tea has weight loss properties that health-conscious individuals continue to celebrate. The drink is full of catechin is good for improving the body’s metabolism and for reducing its fat absorption capacity. People who constantly drink organic loose leaf tea can attest to its weight loss properties and how it aids in making their body feel lighter.

Healthier and Stronger Bones

Our bodies are in need of Vitamin D which would help improve the strength of our bones. Vitamin D can be found in green tea and a good serving of this daily will help in improving bone density. People with osteoporosis can definitely benefit from drinking organic loose leaf tea every day.

Lowers Blood Pressure

At least two cups of organic loose leaf tea can greatly improve one’s blood pressure. There are clinical studies that can support this claim. Compared to coffee, tea is also not something that would outright cause palpitations. Cases of drinkers experiencing palpitations are fairly negligible. This is because the amount of caffeine in tea is very low.

Clearly, when it comes to benefits, tea further outweighs the advantages that coffee offers for our health.

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